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My name is Kris. I worked for a Resident Evil fan blog developing fan fiction and shipping Clairice Aberfield. There was an incident. Resident Evil Retribution didn't have Ali Larter in it. This is the start of a rant that will continue into the next movie until Paul Anderson casts me to write the next movie. Towards the left there are blue links located. It takes place during RE: Retribution and continues to post retribution. To be Continued...

Check out Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 7:

Resident Evil: Aftermath & Existence

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Resident Evil Afterlife, 2010.


The walking dead + Resident Evil


This is ARCADIA, broadcasting on the emergency frequency-
Location: 118.30 degrees West. 34.05 degress North.

We offer safety,security,food and shelter
If you are out there we will help you,


Favorite Milla Jovovich Photos ∞
Favorite Milla Jovovich Photos 

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